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Southwestern VA Trip – July 14-16

Hey everyone,

I sit here tonight after a relaxing swim in the hotel pool. It was my reward for finishing so many homework assignments today. I thought I would give you all an update on my family and I’s adventures so far.

The welsome sign at the rest stop.
The welsome sign at the rest stop.

TUESDAY: We didn’t leave until about 3 that afternoon. We made it to Winchester by 7:30 I believe. The drive wasn’t very eventful but we did get to stop at our favorite rest area. The benches at this place are amazingly comfortable for being concrete and stone. They just form really well to large posteriors I guess. Anyway moving on. We ate at the Golden Corral and stayed the night at the Travelodge. I know, *yawn*

WEDNESDAY: We went to this little farm stand and got AMAZING blackberry preserves. Then we headed on down the road to Roanoke. After lunch mom and I decided we wanted to go to Virginia Tech to hit the college store and ended up taking a detour into downtown Roanoke.

We thought the copper on this building was cool.
We thought the copper on this building was cool.


The spires on a Church in Roanoke. I really liked them.
The spires on a Church in Roanoke. I really liked them.

20150715_142327 That was fun. *sarcasm* Finally we made it to VT, I can never believe how massive their football stadium is. It’s just huge! I was finally able to get a somewhat decent picture of me with the VT shrubs. I have been trying to do that for ages.

The Football Stadium!!!!
The Football Stadium!!!!
The VT Shrubs
The VT Shrubs


Once we get off 81 onto 100 south we decide to go check out the Foster Falls cemetery and visit some deceased relatives. Apparently, the road to get there is this winding stone road barely big enough for two cars to pass that cuts through and over the mountain to get there. There were some nice views but gosh was it nerve wracking at points. I should say that there were no guardrails on this road so there was nothing there to stop us from tumbling down the mountain if we had lost control around a turn. 20150715_163612 20150715_163504 20150715_163445 Once we arrived, the views from the cemetery were beautiful.

 It is definitely a prime candidate for final resting places.

20150715_165427 20150715_165440 20150715_165443

THURSDAY: Today we didn’t do much of anything. We did go to Pulaski county to do some genealogical research. Well mom did. I did sociology homework. Bleh. I wish I had taken pictures of the views on top of the mountain on the way there. You can see for miles.

I hope you are all having wonderful Summers. Stay tuned for my next Vacation post.





Currently a Junior in college. Majoring in History and still working out what I’m going to do with it. Interests include reading, gardening, cooking/baking, traveling, anything related to history, archaeology, and going to races. Cannot function in life without my planner and desk calendar. Amateur genealogist.

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