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Adventures at college part 2


So last Wednesday wasn’t very eventful but last Thursday was a doozey. I was battling a serious cloud of depression and anxiety all day and in turn, nothing felt like it was going well. I have no idea what triggered it but talking to one of my close friends after class which helped immensely.

This week was pretty good. Tuesday I hung out with Marissa and didn’t get home until like 9:30 that night. It was so nice to hang out, we made cake from scratch, and talked about herbs, gardening, and herbal remedies for all sorts of things.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday(This week) were extremely boring. I’m excited for the week to be over. Next week is another chance to make the most of school and I intend to fully get back on track with my classes and classwork.

This Friday I did have a meeting for FSJ at RACC, which went extremely well. We elected our officers and went over some of the articles we will be writing this semester. I offered my services as an editor/ assistant editor because that is absolutely something I love doing when it comes to writing.

How was your guys’ week? I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. I’ll post for you all again this coming Friday. We have another meeting for FSJ and I’m hoping this week goes better than they have been.



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Adventures at college Part 1 of … well many. :)


Welcome to my first post of a multi-post series chronicling the adventures of being me at school. For many of us, myself included, college and the fall semester has already begin. I bet a few of us are already piled deep into term papers, tests, lab work, and other assignments used by our teachers to help us learn and guide us on the path to, hopefully 🙂 , passing their class in order to graduate and become productive members of society in the field of our choice.

For me, this fine Fall Semester is my last at my current school and I will hopefully be moving on to Kutztown University to complete two more years of my degree. YAY ME! So I want to use this portion of my blog to recap on some of the events going on this semester and to share some of the funny happenings in my life with you all.

Seeing as it is the beginning of my third week of classes many things have already happened. The first week my teachers cancelled half of our scheduled classes because they felt completely disorganized and did not want to start class yet. The Sunday before Labor Day, I believe September 6th, My best friend came to the family reunion we were having. The whole way there we joked and sang at the top of our lungs, and let me tell you, he can sing. Then Tuesday I hung out with another of my close friends and her children. That was a day of fun and a lot of activity chasing after two little ones, but I can’t wait to do it again. Then Wednesday I went to the beach. Read about that here. I ended up missing classes Thursday and Friday because my sunburn was so bad I could barely move. I finally made it to a full day of class yesterday and boy was it uneventful.

I’m looking to make this a once a week post most likely on Fridays or Saturdays at the latest. I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to sharing my day to day fun and boring happenings.



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Wednesday September 9th Adventures!!!!!

Hey All!

So this past Wednesday a friend an I decided to hit the road and go to the beach. Being my first time there, naturally I was extremely excited it should have been a GREAT time. It was until I could start feeling the sunburn that now exists all over my person. I am seriously regretting my choice in sunscreen because my back now feels engulfed in flames whenever something touches it even barely.

😦 😦 😦

While my sunburn has become the bane of my existance, I did have a pretty good time when i wasn’t completely covered in sand, choking on salt water, or trying to be drug out to sea because I couldn’t keep my balance in the sand.

Visiting the beach left me so much more calm and at peace inside and I was able to leave all of my worries behind, which released a good deal of pressure off of my shoulders. I highly advise going to the beach so long as you wear really good sunscreen, have an umbrella or something to provide shade when the sun gets too hot, and if you can keep your balance long enough to dip your toes into the water.

While I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon, it was a pretty relaxing time.

Hope everyone is having a really good week!

Just remember:
1. You are beautiful/handsome.
2. You are worth it.
3. I believe in you.