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Trial, Error and Procrastination

History Paper Meme

Hey Guys!

So as I have said before, This semester is my first semester at Kutztown University and it has been a semester full off trial by error. Mostly when it comes to writing papers. Yes, I know that as a History Major I will write more papers then I thought humanly possible and yes, I know that Historians everywhere use the Chicago Manual Style of writing, however, I made a grave mistake in not using this style earlier in my educational career. Anyway, this whole semester I have been struggling to become friends with this style of writing because from now on it will be what I use. I really thought I had a handle on it, however, it seems I’m just not there yet. I wrote this post mainly as a procrastination attempt instead of working on my research paper. The second reason I’m writing this is to share the photo at the beginning.

That is an accurate representation of what I think my paper will be in the near future. Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to formatting my paper correctly? I would love to hear from everyone, whether it be tips or funny stories of your own learning experiences. Let me know down below.





Currently a Junior in college. Majoring in History and still working out what I’m going to do with it. Interests include reading, gardening, cooking/baking, traveling, anything related to history, archaeology, and going to races. Cannot function in life without my planner and desk calendar. Amateur genealogist.

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