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Semester let-downs, family death’s, Summer trips and where I’m going from here….

Hey Guys!

How has everyone been? How did you all finish the school year off? Me? Well….I failed all but one of my classes. Yeah it wasn’t good. Also, just this past Saturday I lost my cousin to a heart attack. Then, I found out earlier today that one of my grandfathers close friends passed away as well.  Needless to say this week has been pretty sucky. Friday my sister, my grandparents, and I are leaving for vacation and we will be gone for a week. I look forward to telling you all about our adventures in Cherokee, NC as well as Asheville, NC.

After that vacation, we will be home for roughly a week and then we will be leaving for our yearly trip. This brings me to the topic of where I’m going from here. With my most recent failure, the death of my cousin, and my insatiable need to move to Galax, I will possibly be transferring to an online university and moving in with my other cousin, my recently deceased cousins wife, and keeping an eye on her. I sent a resume to a potential position and I hope to hear back from that before I’m in a location that I don’t have cell signal. I also have a few other leads that might allow me to gain employment and settle myself down there. If i do end up moving, i have decided to transfer to Southern New Hampshire University online in order to continue my bachelors degree.

Any advice is appreciated as usual.


Nikki J