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A little Motivation and Support

Hey Everyone!

I ask myself this question probably a lot more than I should. Am I making the right decision? Which usually leads to the questions; Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to do for a large portion of my life? Am I sure this is what will make me happy? Feel fulfilled? Is this really what is going to allow me to live a happy life, working in a job that may or may not drain me emotionally? If you are a student, or a human in general, chances are you have asked any number of the previous questions and then some.  I know I have! It took me at least 8 months to research, debate with myself, and finally make the decision that I still question periodically and that terrifies me. Did I make the right decision for me? Did I pick History because it’s a favorite pastime or did I pick it because, for some unknown reason, I thought it would be the easiest major. Honestly, I still don’t know the answer to these questions. I love history and I am passionate about it and about teaching it so that future generations can learn from past mistakes and hopefully create a better future. I guess, in a way, you could say that is the reason I chose history and that is a pretty good decision. That doesn’t mean I don’t have bouts of uncertainty just like everyone else. I can’t sit here and tell you that the uncertainty goes away, but I can tell you that throughout your journey there will be moments that will make it all disappear for a while. Moments, no matter how small, that will stop you in your tracks and say, “This is why you did it,” and “I’m so happy I made this choice and stuck to it.” This doesn’t have to pertain to only your education and future career. It can pertain to finally dropping that no-good boyfriend or girlfriend, leaving that abusive friend in the past, changing your lifestyle for the better by quitting smoking, learning to take care of yourself, starting and continuing your health journey, or just moving to a new city for a job you aren’t 100% sure about. You will have plenty of people rooting for you to fail in whatever it is that you are doing, but the truth is, you will have so many more rooting for your success. I know I am!

I’m not sure what this post was originally supposed to be when I first started writing it but I am happy with where it went. If you are struggling with a decision, want to share your success or even your failures that have led to better opportunities, PLEASE feel free to comment them down below or email me if you would prefer to keep them between us. I am here for you no matter who isn’t and I want to help you celebrate to get to a place where you need to be.


Nikki J



Currently a Junior in college. Majoring in History and still working out what I’m going to do with it. Interests include reading, gardening, cooking/baking, traveling, anything related to history, archaeology, and going to races. Cannot function in life without my planner and desk calendar. Amateur genealogist.

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